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Bodybuilding - will once again be contested at the South Pacific Games, this time the mini-games on December the 8th. on Norfolk Island.

The event will be held according to the technical rules of the International Bodybuilding Federation, which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

The sport enjoys worldwide popularity with around 170 countries practising the sport , which has also gained provisional recognition with the IOC.

Bodybuilding is an ideal sport for the small South Pacific Islands with relatively low populations, it is also a healthy life style, not unlike that which was in existance at the turn of the last century, when the physique of the South Pacific was far superior to that of its European counterpart, an excellent spectator sport that you will enjoy.



The Founding Fathers


IFBB President
Mr Ben Weider CM.CQ. phD

A special welcome to all athletes and sports officials to the South Pacific Minigames

It is very pleasing for myself and for the Executive members of the IFBB to know that the sport of bodybuilding is so widely practiced in the Islands of the South Pacific
, under  the leadership of Norfolk Island resident and long standing IFBB member, Mr Warren Langman Vice President ( South Pacific ).

You in the South Pacific are a part of the larger family of bodybuilders worldwide, now numbering 172 nations, all participating in the spirit of friendship where religeon, colour or creed are not an issue and where health and well being are an end product of our sport.

I wish you a good contest, good friendship and a safe return to your respective countries, thank you for your support of the IFBB.

Yours Sincerly

Ben Weider

Ben Weider, C.M., Ph.D.




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