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Ogranising Committee.

This page is reserved for the Games Organising Committee to post information relevant to those joining us for the Games. To contact the Organising Committee directly please email sports@norfolk.nf


NEWSLETTER No. 3 September/October 2001. Dear sporting colleagues, Greetings from Norfolk Island and please accept our apology for the lateness of this Bulletin but all the members of our Organising Committee have been flat out trying to get everything in order for the arrival of your team and endeavouring to ensure that the forthcoming Games are a success. Here are a few snippets what has been happening:- Visit of Games President - Ric Blas, President of the South Pacific Games Council made a quick trip to the island on the week-end of 8th-9th September. Due to the small size of the island, it only measures 5 miles by 3 miles, he was able to visit all the venues for the sports He was able to bring with him all the country flags that will be needed and on his return to Guam he will be looking for the CD on which the various Anthems and Victory songs were recorded for the Guam 1999 South Pacific Games. Just in case there are any hiccups with the CD it would be appreciated if you could send us a tape recording of your Anthem so that we can make copies for Official Flag raising, victory ceremonies etc. The members of the Organising Committee were happy to welcome Ric and extra happy with his words of approval and satisfaction with all that he had seen. Assistance with Funding - As you know the Organising Committee has been endeavouring to help reduce the per diems. While assistance was offeredederal Government has made available an amount of $AU10,000.00 which we anticipate will be granted on the condition that it be used to assist your athletes with their per diems. As a further incentive, the Norfolk Island Government has waived the $AU25.00 departure fee for all athletes, officials and members of the media who may accompany your team. We are still investigating other ways to further reduce the per diems but would point out that any refunds which we may be able to pass on to you will be made after the Games. South Pacific Games Council Meeting - As advised previously, will be held on Saturday, 8th and Sunday 9th December. The Saturday session will commence at the conclusion of the Triathlon at approx. 11.00 a.m. It is anticipated that the usual business of the Council will be handled on Satu. Would the Samoan and Tongan Bidding committees please note that the New Caledonians will be hosting a reception on Saturday evening 8th December. If you would like us to make a booking for you please advise. Ecumenical Church Service - The Ministers Fraternal, consisting of Ministers from the Church of England (Anglican), Uniting Church (Methodist), Roman Catholic, Seventh day Adventist and Assemblies of God will be conducting an Ecumenical Church Service at 5.30 p.m. on Sunday evening, 9th December. They are keen to know if any of your athletes would like to read a lesson at this service. This is a great singing island and knowing just how many wonderful voices there are out there in the Pacific, could słome of your team get into practice to render a favourite hymn during your service. Opening Ceremony - This is well under way and we think that we can offer a site for this that will long live in the minds of those who participate. It is to be held on an Oval, at Kingston, which we believe is one of the oldest sporting areas in the Pacific. Those who know the history of Norfolk will be aware that is was a convict settlement from 1788 to 1856. In 1839, one of the Convict Commandants, Major Bunbury, recommended “that by allowing the remainder to run to grass it will form a much more ornamental scene and certainly a more generally useful place of recreation - The Free Inhabitants and Military will then have what it is the order of Government they should have - a place for athletic pastimes and exercises such as cricket, quoits, bowls and foot balls close at hand to the Military Barracks in order that the soldiers may have as little inducemen 2. This area has been in use since then and in the early years of the 1900’s athletic pastimes were entered into by the Melanesian Mission students from the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) and the Solomon Islands, together with the staff of the Cable Station and the people of Norfolk. Surely these events could be classed as the first South Pacific Games? On the land side, the oval is set against a backdrop of the remnants of the magnificently maintained convict buildings and the pine-clad hills while out to sea our two offshore bird sanctuaries - Phillip and Nepean Islands - provide a spectacular counterpoint. This will also be the site for the Closing Ceremony. We have been advised that the Royal Australian Airforce Band from Brisbane will be on the island to provide the Music for the Opening Ceremony and before they return they will be providing music for after-dinner enjoyment. We have a few more innovative ideaAt the moment the children of our local school and other community groups are planning very distinctive and unique ceremonies and, just to whet your appetites, we will be utilising an old whaling pot from the days when Norfolk used to be a favourite port-of-call for American whaling ships on their way back to the USA after a season in the whaling grounds in the Southern Ocean. Visiting TV and Print media should get some wonderful shots for their viewers. Visiting Media - It is becoming apparent that we can expect quite a media contingent here during the Games and while we hope that you will accredit them with your team so they become exempt from the Departure Tax - could you ascertain for us if they would be prepared to stay with other media people in a media hotel type complex. There are still motel-type accommodations available and each unit usually comesther this collective accommodation concept meets with their approval. Accreditations received so far indicate that 1 media person will be coming from Guam; 8 from Papua New Guinea; Radio Australia will have 2 (Brendon Telfer being one) and possibly another 3; while Tahiti has indicated that they will have media representatives although they have not given actual numbers. How do you say “Good Morning” - The Organising Committee, in conjunction with our local radio station, has just started a weekly segment to introduce the visiting team to the people of Norfolk Island. Our opening line for this segment starts - “On Guam people say ‘Haffa-day’ when they met you..........” can you help us be e-mailing of faxing me the typical greeting from your country? It is a wonderful way to get the interest of island residents in the Games and we try to make them geography lessons for th Accreditation Forms rolling in - Thank you to all who have returned their completed Accreditation Forms and where these are not yet ready, have indicated the numbers they are expecting in their teams. This information is required to firm up the accommodation and the sooner we get it we can then organise the beds for your teams. We have received Accreditation requests from Guam, Papua New Guinea, Northern Marianas and New Caledonia and have been advised of the numbers in their teams from the other countries participating so keep up the good work and keep those numbers rolling in. Catering for the Games - Already acres of sweet potatoes, kumeras, taro and yams have been planted and now that Spring has sprung our Catering supervisor advises me that this has been one of the best growing years that Norfolk has experienced for some time. Apart from these staple items of South Pacific diets, there are ample supplies of fish and other vegetables to We have been asked about teams bringing there favourite tinned food with them for the Games. As you all know, the Quarantine restrictions on the island are very strict but never fear, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Our Health and Quarantine Officer advises - “Non-commercial - “A Quarantine Entry is not required for personal consignments imported by post or as accompanying baggage. Personal quantities of commercially canned, retorted or hermetically sealed meat products (including pate) are permitted subject to inspection on arrival. The products must be in metal cans, retort pouches or in hermetically sealed glass jars and they must not require refrigeration to maintain quality. Ingredient lists must be identifiable on the cans and if they are not then these goods must be re-exported or destroyed”. “All canned products ( Pork from the Un 3. Government Waives Departure Tax - The Norfolk Island Goverment has waived the Departure Tax ($A25.00) for all accredited athletes, officials and media representatives. Transport on arrival and departure - Each team will be met at the airport and transported to their accommodation with their baggage. Transport during the Games - Each Chef de Mission will be given a 4-door sedan for his use during the Games. There will be a regular daily bus service to transport athletes and others to and from the central catering area and also to the sporting venues. Apart from this there will be a regular bus service doing a circuit of the venues. Good News - Like you, we were pleased to hear lifted for the Mini Games. I hope that this Newsletter will keep you up-to-date with our preparations and I hope to be able to keep you posted more regularly as the days and weeks steadily tick by. Do take care and we are only a fax, e-mail or phone call away if we can be of help. Regards Uncle Tom. STOP PRESS - For those teams transiting through Brisbane we have held discussions with the owner of Norfolk Jet Express who have promised to get back to us with a special rate to cover any costs which may be incurred for excess baggage due to golf clubs etc. Will let you know as soon as we get an answer.