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  Greetings to our South Pacific neighbours.

When you last meet in Guam for the 1999 South Pacific Games we asked you to take a short break from your activities and become informed as to what Norfolk Island has to offer and in particular the aspects of the Clay Target competition sporting area.

It is now the eve of the start of the South Pacific Mini Games and for everyone involved with the organisation and preparation, the largest event ever to be held in our country is about to commence. We are prepared and excited at the prospect of meeting new people and enjoying the competition and furthering our particular sport in the South Pacific Region.

The Norfolk Island Clay Target Association (formally The N.I.Gun Club) was formed in 1974 and initially conducted its competition activities at various locations.

In 1979 the association moved to Anson Bay which is situated on the northern end of the island and currently occupies a portion of crown land .The views from the shooting grounds are spectacular and because of the location of the grounds on the edge of the cliffs the variations in windy conditions can also be rather different.

Our association, like most founding clubs had limited resources but with much perseverance and assistance from shooters and their shooting associations both in Australia and New Zealand the first International Clay Target Championships were conducted in 1981.

From those early beginnings the club has been able to provide full facilities for clay target shooters and has the following disciplines, all of which are certified and approved Internationally.

1. One Down the Line layout. Complete with Gemini automatic hopper feed trap and automatic voice actuated release.

2. One Skeet field complete with new Automatic hopper feed traps (especially installed for the games) and electronic release.

3. One American Ball Trap layout complete with Ibis automatic hopper feed trap and automatic voice actuated release. The Ball Trap and Skeet layouts are on a shared field.

We have a modern carpeted clubhouse, which has all the required facilities for entertaining and food preparation.The Club is fully licensed and regularly hosts International Championships each February where in excess of 200 hundred persons can be catered for. In October 2002 we will host the Australasian Police Shooting Championships

All areas around our grounds are grassed and there is a plentiful supply of trees to provide shade and shelter. All shooting positions are concreted

Although we are remote from other sporting activities such as Golf, Bowls and Tennis we are still only about 10 minutes from the centre of the main shopping centre.

It is intended that for all shooting participants attending the South Pacific Mini Games on Norfolk Island that the operating and administrative area for all shooting will be at the clay target grounds.

Each year as the visiting shooters arrive from Australia and New Zealand our Norfolk Island Customs provide excellent arrangements for the importation of the competition firearms. Again we have, in conjunction with the Norfolk Island Police and the Norfolk Island Customs organised facilities to ensure that all South Pacific Games competitors are treated the same.

There is ample room for spectators and viewing of all events at these grounds is excellent. We are in the fortunate position that we also have a large area outside the grounds proper to allow for entire participants and spectators’ vehicle parking.

We look forward to welcoming the visiting shooters for South Pacific Mini Games on Norfolk Island and where we can provide you with good competition facilities and hospitality.



Program of Events for the South Pacific Mini Games – Norfolk Island.

Monday 10


75 Targets Double Barrel.
Off 15 meters

75 Targets American Skeet

Tuesday 11


50 Targets Double Barrel & Finals for decision if required

50 Targets American Skeet & Finals for decision if required

Wednesday 12

75 Targets Ball Trap
Off 15 meters


Thursday 13

50 Targets Ball Trap & Finals for decision if required

Thursday 13
2.00 Pm


Medal Presentations


General Information.

1. The Norfolk Island Clay Target Association will organise the 6th South Pacific Mini Games shooting program at the shooting range located at Anson Bay. The range consists of 1 of each, DTL, Skeet and Ball Trap fields.
Electronic voice release will be used for the Double Barrel and Ball Trap competitions. All traps are automatic types.
2. Competition Rules. The Championships will operate using the Australian Clay Target Rules current as at January 1. 2001. A copy will be provided to all attending countries. All competitors will be assigned for either scoring or referee during the events.
No ISSF events will be conducted at the Mini games due to fees imposed for these types of competition.
Mr. Chris Davenport from Sydney Australia will has been appointed as the Overall referee and rules examiner for the shooting competitions.
A Team Managers meeting with Oceania representatives and has been set down for Sunday 9th. December at 9.00 AM.
At that time the technical rules and provisions, as applicable to the conduct of this event will be agreed to. The draw for squadding will be conducted at this time.
3. Anti-Doping Control. As set down by the South Pacific Games Council competitors may be subject to a random Anti-Doping Test.
4. Firearms Licences. All shooters will be required to be issued with a Norfolk Island Visiting Shooter Licence. This licence must be applied for 28 days prior to the arrival of the competitor. There will be a fee of A$20 per licence payable when issued. Additional information will be advised to all competing countries of the information required for each visiting shooting permit.
5. Ammunition. All ammunition used will not be greater than 28 grams it can be purchased at $8/ packet at the office. The selection consists of Falcon, Mirage, & Winchester; there may be additional supplies available. Shooters may bring ammunition to Norfolk Island but this should be checked with the carrier operating from their country.
Ammunition may be subject to a weight check to confirm the legal loads are not exceeded.
6 Number of Competitors
a Individual- each country may enter a maximum of 3 (three) shooters per event. Shooters may be either Ladies or Men.
b Teams events- a team shall consist of three members. The accumulated scores of the individual shooters will count for the team scores.
The team numbers may be decreased to two members to each team if the numbers of final competitors is lower that anticipated.
c The competitions will be conducted as an Open Event there will not be individual Women’s events
7. International Shooting Representative as required under the South Pacific Games Charter an International Representative will be present to oversee the operation and conduct of the games. This person will be appointed from the Oceania Shooting Federation of the International Shooting Union.
8. Practice Days.
The range will be open for practice on Wednesday 5th, Saturday 8th. & Sunday 9th December Practice cards costing $5 can be purchased as required.
9. The Norfolk Island Clay Target Association has adequate facilities and is able to provide full catering for shooters and visitors, Our spacious clubrooms are licensed and are complete with restrooms for women and men.


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